Challenge might be too aggressive!

When posting the mirror box challenge, I think I might have scared a lot of people away with the numbers I was talking about for myself. So, I just wanted to change that daunting number to a workable number that is more achievable. So, I thought I would set up a schedule  to attain a workable number that should be a challenge but not be too aggressive. Therefore,  let’s start with 15 repetitions  per set and do two sets a day; morning and afternoon or more if you can. And, don’t forget, all reps are cumulative and doing them at different times is OK, it all adds up in the end! So, if you don’t have a mirror box you can go here to get one Stroke store. Shop, Rehabilitation, Upper Extremities, Hand and scroll to the bottom.  The exercise for this challenge will be to simply open and close the hand; subsequent exercises will get incrementally harder. So, if you want to see what mirror box therapy can do for you start the challenge today by getting a mirror box above and good luck. Remember all exercises must be done with focus and frequency!

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