Life after a stroke can be different things for different stroke survivors. In my opinion there are three types of survivors. Survivors that are 1.) happy they’re alive and are ready for the challenge, 2.) those that don’t care one way or the other and may or may not be ready to try to get better, and 3.) those that wish they had just died, I find these people have a “why me” attitude and are hard to motivate. I also find these survivors unwilling to try to get better.


With this premise in mind, my blog will try to encourage Group 1 to keep up the good work and to do even more. For Groups 2 and 3 I would like Group 1 to help them with their positivity and to move up the ladder. I plan to do this by having the three groups communicate their positive experiences to help those that want to progress on their stroke journey through my blog’s contact page This hopefully, will be done by survivors asking questions in the contact area and other survivors replying with an answer to the question. If no one replies, I will do some research or use my experience on the topic and respond to all questions left unanswered hoping someone will correct me if they see something wrong with my answer.


So, if you want to be part of a community like this, please join in and start participating in helping other people get better or ask a question about something you would need help with. And who knows maybe you will see some information that will help you take another positive step forward on your journey. Remember you survived a stroke and accepting the implications of that and responding to them accordingly will get you through and make your journey much more tolerable!



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