How to Motivate a Stroke Survivor

First, make sure the survivor is not depressed.

Second, look the survivor in the eye and ask the question, “How much functionality do you want to recover?”

Next try to set relevant, achievable goals.

Try to calm down any emotional challenges.

Set up a daily routine.

Keep a journal to log progress.

Help them visualize what they want to achieve.

Help them change negative thoughts into positive thoughts.

Along with these motivational activities, try to seek out new technological rehabilitation tools. Tools like The Saeboflex Glove, The FiTMI, passive electric gloves, similar to Saeboflex only electric; more about these later.

I have two goals, fishing with my two grandsons and playing my guitar again. Oh, yeah, I want to be able to drive my car using the paddle shifters on the steering wheel. Not very important but an accomplishment just the same!

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