Although depression responds well to medications, sometimes medications have nasty side effects. The first medication I took when going through my deep depression in 2010, Welbutrin, caused me to have a seizure. This caused me to slip deeper into the depression. So, I looked around for another psychiatrist, and after a few meetings we decided on Cymbalta whose side effects were more tolerant for me so I was on my way to freedom!


However, some people fear medications because they don’t want to be taking more drugs or get hooked on them. In this case, there are alternatives to cure depression albeit they require more time.


Some of these methods include getting into a routine, set goals and eat well. As a matter of fact, I found a list of ten natural ways to cure depression that I would like to share with you at WebMD; this article also explains why they work.


In conclusion, wow a short post, I would like to say that either way is better than no way. Depression is my pet peeve to get rid of because it, along with anxiety, is very debilitating and prevents you from doing the other things you need to heal from your stroke/TBI.

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